General Benefit Procedure

Benefit Procedure:

At IGI General Insurance-Window Takaful Operation we consider the Benefit to be our end product and endeavor best to easy and timely service to our clients. An understanding and adherence to the following procedure(s) will assist in a swift and equitable settlement of the benefit with your assistance.

  1. Notify Us:An event resulting in a loss or damage under the specific PMD shall be reported to the Company without any delay. Keep your PMD and/or certificate of Takaful handy and advise their number, location of loss, type of damage and contact numbers of person concerned.
  2. Appointment of Loss Adjuster:The Company will, depending on the magnitude of loss, appoint SECP certified loss adjuster to inspect and adjust the loss in line with the terms, exclusions and conditions of the specific PMD & Endorsements.
  3. Provide information:Please provide all required documents, duly sign & fill up the benefit form and co-operate with the loss adjuster for any other information(s) that the company or loss adjuster may require. This will assist in an expeditious settlement of the benefit.
  4. Settlement and acceptance:The surveyor after assessing the loss will settle the benefit with your agreement via an acceptance letter, whereafter the survey report along with all requisite documents will be issued by the loss adjusters advising the payable amount with due consideration to depreciation and/or under insurance if applicable.
  5. Payment of Benefit:the payment of Benefit is made through a cross cheque/Online Transfer in the name of the Participant or in joint names where a Bank or any other lending agency is involved.

The payments in motor Benefits are generally made to the workshops directly.

  1. Disputed Benefits:It is our utmost desires to settle every individual Benefit amicably however, there may, at times, be some dispute either on the matter of liability or amount of Benefit. In case you are not satisfied please take further action as per the Complaint section.

Study your PMD to ensure that the loss you are going to report is covered under the PMD. In case of doubt contact the company.

To Lodge your benefit, please call IGI General Insurance Office.

Monday till Friday (9:00 AM till 5:30 PM)
Friday (9:00 AM till 6:00 PM) except public holidays.
For Motor benefit intimation & Queries:
       Lahore: 042-111-308-308
       Karachi: 021-111-567-567 or 021-111-308-308
       Islamabad: 051-111-308-308
For Health Queries & Approvals: 042-345-03333
For Non-Health/Non-Motor Benefits: 
       Karachi: 021-111-308-308
       Lahore: 042-111-308-308
       Islamabad: 051-111-308-308

For Submission of documents through courier:
For Head Office & Karachi Branch:
IGI General Insurance Limited
Head Office & Karachi Branch
Suit # 701-711, 7th Floor, the Forum, G-20 Block 9, Khayban-e-Jami Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
UAN # 92-21-111-308-308

For Lahore Branch:
IGI General Insurance Limited
Corporate Office & Lahore Branch
UAN # 92-42-111-308-308

For Islamabad:
IGI General Insurance Limited
Islamabad Branch
3rd Floor, Kamran Centre, Blue Area, Islamabad
UAN # 92-51-111-308-308

For Filing Online Benefit intimation, Please Click Here or send an email at